Dancing in the Rain

Today it was either spectacularly sunny, or pouring a drenching rain.

When it was sunny in the morning, I was meeting with our architect, filling in a finish table for the contractor.

When we were done it had poured, and I wasn’t sure I was going to trust the weather window to walk a mile to get my haircut.
So I jumped in the car and motored over.

Shorn, I jumped back in the car.
While waiting for the light to turn green a pedestrian waved for my attention, and then told me my rear tire was going flat.
Thanking him, and drove home.

We decided to change the tire, which was getting flatter by the minute.
Of course as soon as we had managed to get it to a flat spot (our driveway is rather inclined), it started to rain.
As we loosened each lug-nut (with a fair amount of grunting and muttering)(and remembering that one of the lug nuts needs a special unlocking socket) it rained harder.
I actually thought it was hailing by the time the spare was on the car.
I saw the offending nail as I was loading the flat into the back.

That unwanted task out of the way, it was time to meet a friend for dinner and a show.
The Seattle Men’s Chorus show Dancing Queen, the music of ABBA with Leslie Jordan.
Mr. Jordan was hilarious, and the chorus was in fine voice.

Leslie Jordan

Leslie Jordan

Walking back to the car, it was only dripping, and the Seattle Center was shining.

Science Center Husky Colors

Science Center Husky Colors

Space Needle

Space Needle


2 Responses to “Dancing in the Rain”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Epic rain here yesterday and no sun whatsoever. Today has been better, in the afternoon at least. I had a screw in my tire(which my dad noticed) so I took it up to Les Schwab yesterday for a repair. Annoying way to spend an hour of my day. But yours sounds worse!!

    • raincharm Says:

      I am just glad we got it changed right away, even if we got pretty wet. I don’t like driving on the mini tires, but I may have to drive to work tomorrow. Glad you were able to get your tire taken care of without being on the side of the road.

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