It was an 18 inning vacation

Carl has returned from the land of sunshine and cool weather.
He and his buddies saw the first two games of the Mariner season, in Oakland.
A few pics from the trip

(This will save me from trying to figure out if any interesting happened today, after the trafic nightmare that was this morning. 2 bridges, 1 completely blocked, 2 big accident, so we tried the northern route around the lake. It may have been faster. Maybe not.)

The folks that grace these pictures are Mark – bushy beard, Dennis – suit coat frequently, Dan – funny hat and always smiling, Kirk – Mark’s brother, Patty – Kirk’s wife, and the Roel’s family = Chris, Mika, Soichiro and Momoka,

Willie Mays Opening day Oakland Big Ball Mark H Big Ball Dennis Big Ball Carl

Field where Babe Ruth once hit DSCN3514 DSCN3508 Junior Giants

Dreaming of Willie Mays dreaming_of_willie_mays

 DSCN3503 DSCN3498 Paul Bunyan

One Response to “It was an 18 inning vacation”

  1. Ashlan Says:

    Those pictures are adorable

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