How many Engineers does it take

to put a bicycle into a trunk.

As it turns out, it takes 2, about 5 minutes and consulting the owner’s manual.

The Prius, with its easy flip down seats, was on vacation.
So the Corolla has been my chariot.

My carpooler has been trying to add a bike ride into the commute.
Spring weather, weight loss competition. It just all came together.

The idea was to put the bike into my car, I drive to work.
I drive home, and he bicycles home.
Lather, rinse, repeat.

Until this week we had it down with the Prius.
This week he upped the ante by bicycling from home to the coffee shop where we meet when he does not bicycle.
I arrived and we quickly determined that a trunk has different dimensions than a hatchback. The body of the bike was just not slipping in easily.

So, lets flip down the seats.
That is after moving the car seat and its stuffed and plastic denizens.
The car seat had its own set of issues. Issues that Carl is completely familiar with, but that knowledge does not transfer by osmosis.
I think the issues are called tether and latches.
The upper tether was easy to deal with.
The lower latches were hidden and took a minute or two to figure.

So, let’s flip down the seats.
The only question is how.
No button on the back seat’s shoulder where I have found them before.
They don’t just pull forward.

So – while Jim explored the back seat, I explored the owner’s manual.

Who puts a back seat latch in the trunk?

Apparently Toyota does.

I am sure our dance around the car may have amused a few in the coffee shop.
We made it to work, even on time.
I made it home, about 13-1/2 hours later.
I hope Jim made it home.
I guess we will find out tomorrow when we expect to meet up again.
[The seats are still down, so it should be a faster bike load.]

3 Responses to “How many Engineers does it take”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Two possible options:
    –If Jim has quick release hubs, take the front wheel off. (You’ll have to release the brake cable too, don’t forget to put it back on!)
    –A trunk bike rack is easy to hang on the back, and usually fits in the trunk, when the bike isn’t there.

    • raincharm Says:

      FYI The wheel was off. Trunk space is usually saved for said child seats, buckets of baseballs and general detritus.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Hilarious when things that should be easy turn into huge projects. I am terrible at figuring stuff like that out, but then I’m no engineer. 🙂

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