Asbestos – and “It Just Continues”

OK – some additional “progress” has been made on the never-ending asbestos removal project.

No asbestos has been harmed.
But we are getting closer to being able to do so.

Two items are necessary for this next step.
Bags, suitably labeled as holding hazardous waste, and
Boxes to hold the hazardous waste in a bag – because the hazardous waste is too heavy and sharp for a 6-mil plastic bag to hold by itself. (And then a second bag encloses the box enclosing the bag enclosing the asbestos.)

As with anything to do with asbestos, it is never as easy as it seems.
Some of this has been reported previously.

I found some boxes that were the right size. Of course they had to be ordered from afar, through Home Depot. At least we would be able to pick them up once they arrived. 1-1/2 weeks later. Which happened to be yesterday. We did attend the Mariner’s game yesterday, but after it was 13-0 after 3 innings, the perfect game lost in the 4th, we decided to take advantage of being close to said Home Depot which was open until 10 PM. The Service Desk was all over helping us, but took probably 20 minutes to retrieve the box of boxes from receiving. AND the box with the boxes inside was HUGE. Sure enough it did not fit in the trunk. (Recall the rearrangement required to fit a bicycle into the car a few days earlier.) We tried taking the car seat out to put the HUGE BOX in the back seat. Still no good. So we opened the HUGE box and found the boxes only filled about 1/2 of the space in the box, and the individual boxes easily fit into the back seat. [I returned the HUGE BOX to the store for them to recycle.]

Carl picked up the special bags today. Last week I found out that for $2/bag you could buy them individually from a local Safety Supply store. So a few days later I sent Carl on an errand. And of course, when he arrived at the store, they did not have any in stock. Of course it took two trips. It could not have gone any other way.

Carl returned for more Mariner baseball tonight.

The 3 Intrepid Amigos

The 3 Intrepid Amigos

I stayed home, and have not been able to achieve just about any of the goals I set for myself tonight.
One goal I did manage to complete was picking up toys. Carl had stopped by with Sagan for a short while. Just like old times.

Toys R Us (Note the handle to a sledge hammer on the left - new to the toy bin)

Toys R Us (Note the handle to a sledge hammer on the left – new to the toy bin)

I think that means it is time for bed.

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