Mish-mash, and now it is 6 PM

Some days you just don’t get to check everything off of your list. And maybe it doesn’t matter.

I did get one of the tasks done, OK a few. But none that required me to leave a 25 foot radius of the house (except electronically). And I did add a few other items to the list as the day progressed. [Isn’t it always that way.]

The big job I was going to tackle today was for the house project.
I did start on a work project first, which did not help the limited progress on the house today.

We declared the asbestos gone a few days ago.
The celebration was short lived.

It turns out that to do the kitchen project, the back wall of the kitchen, and the old back door will be essentially taken apart completely and then reassembled. And of course, there is pesky asbestos shingle siding on the exterior wall. (Under the ugly vinyl and over the cedar siding.)

Carl started on this removal project earlier this week, working in the back door/porch area.
He called me at work to let me know he had pulled it all off.

Me: “What did you put the asbestos shingles into”
Carl: “Asbestos?!?”

I guess he wasn’t hanging out with the contractor and I when we were discussing the owner vs. contractor abatement costs.

Back porch siding - on the floor of the porch

Back porch siding – on the floor of the porch

The siding being removed consists of lightweight vinyl siding, light styrofoam boards, heavy asbestos shingles, and lots of nails. This removal will cost us the $25 asbestos permit, and now I need to get more asbestos bags and some boxes that are big enough to easily hold the 1 ft by 2 ft shingles. (We have loads of boxes, but none that are 2 feet long.)

My goal today was to start the removal of the siding on the back wall.
I managed to:

Get the ladder out of the garage to the back of the house (before Carl left)
Apply for the asbestos abatement permit
Get the removed vinyl siding into a big trash can
Get the removed styrofoam into a big trash can
Get the asbestos shingles into 3 boxes in the basement (but they are sticking out).
Clean out the back porch.

Back porch - for a few more months

Back porch – for a few more months

The boxes that will eventually carry the shingles to the dump will need to be relatively small as the shingles are HEAVY.

The back wall is going to have to wait a few more days.

Which is too bad, because tomorrow is supposed to have more of this.

So inviting in the warm sun

So inviting in the warm sun

2 Responses to “Mish-mash, and now it is 6 PM”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Good heavens, MORE asbestos? What a PITA! The sun sure is nice though.

    • raincharm Says:

      Sometimes it feels as though it will never end. I should have seen this one coming, but did not think through all of the steps that were going to have to occur before the kitchen can be redone the way we are planinng.

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