Happy Easter Madness

Today I continued working down my list from yesterday>
What I did not realize was that some of my chores could ONLY be done yesterday.
Simple chores like signing up for another storage facility and getting a hair cut.

I even thought to check the web-sites before leaving on my driving errands.
Open Sunday’s at 9 AM. Both of them.
Until I actually arrived at both places, where they had colorful computer generated signs taped to their doors saying, “Closed for Easter”. I don’t disagree with their decisions to be closed on Easter, I just wish I hadn’t spent the time driving around our fair city. It would have been OK if even one of them had been open. I need to accomplish both of these goals, and neither place is open well into the evening, and my schedule this coming week is fairly packed with early evening (right after work) activities.

On to the next item on the list. [Technically this goes with cleaning out the house.]
Shoes. To be more precise, cleats.

This is going through all of the shoes at the entrance to our house. We do not require, or even ask, that people remove their shoes when entering the house, but we still have a shelving unit full of shoes in that location. They tend to be shoes that may be used, but not daily. Rey & Ashlan & I all have approximately the same size feet. Rey’s are now slightly larger and Ashlan’s slightly smaller than mine. [There was one game when Rey ended up with one of his and one of Ashlan’s cleats. Slightly uncomfortable.] Theoretically, Ashlan could wear any of the shoes. And the cleats she left home with are wearing a bit thin. So we are looking for any that might give her a few more months use. (I was going to take a picture before the shoe review, but I forgot while I was Skyping with Ashlan.)

And finally, March Madness is nearing an end.
We started our family bracket a few weeks ago.

Now we are down to the Final Four.
Ashlan was the first out, when all three of her remaining teams during the Not-So-Sweet round of Sixteen.
Jay had a banner day on the first day of the Elite Eight, moving both Saturday game teams into the Final Four.
Sunday required Jay to share, and she did. With Rey, who unceremoniously booted Carl from the tournament.

The Final Four line-up is

  • Wichita State – 9 seed – Jay
  • Syracuse – 4 seed – Jay
  • Michigan – 4 seed – Rey
  • Louisville – 1 seed – Rey

Anybody but Louisville will be my mantra.
If Wichita State or Syracuse wins, I win.
If Michigan wins, I win (Ann Arbor years remain a strong tie)

Our colorful version.

Blue = Jay, Purple = Rey

Blue = Jay, Purple = Rey

One Response to “Happy Easter Madness”

  1. jane Says:

    my money is on Louisville vs. Syracuse in the final. And if Syracuse continues to play as they have, they will win. all that said, there is a reason the games are actually played — go blue!!! 😉

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