Afterall, It’s a Small World

I always appreciate starting my day with a laugh.

A bit of family lore.

In 1964 our family visited our relatives in New York City.
I was about 8, my older sister about 10 and younger sister 3-4 years old.
(I don’t know what month it was, so ages are approximate.)

I remember that trip really well.
The Statue of Liberty, going up the staircase in the arm.
Being in an apartment. This was where my grandparents lived, and I had never been in an apartment before.
Playing with a ball on the sidewalk with my cousin, and the ball getting stuck on a fire escape.
No lawn, but a park a block or so away.
Riding the subway (and falling asleep).

And the World’s Fair.
Again, many memories.
I think it was the Kodak pavilion where we were surrounded by screens.
There was one vignette that was all about deciding where to sit people at a dinner party. The host had name tags. She would put one down, while commenting about the person, and a chair would appear. This would continue, but then she would have to change a tag (so and so can’t sit next to this other so and so), and the chair would disappear.
And the Wild Mouse ride, with my cousin Herbie.

And of course, the It’s A Small World ride.
I really do remember going through the ride, and the music.

The joint family memory has more sides than mine.
Jane the younger insists that she was abandoned outside the ride, by herself, for a LONG TIME, listening to that song, over and over and over and over.

I think that maybe she went on the ride with the rest of us, or maybe not.
But if she did not, she was probably with Aunt Anita or a grandparent.
And we all stood around or in line to get tickets or to get on the ride.
(I do remember standing in lines.)

So, imagine my thoughts when I saw the headline, “Man wins $8K after ‘Small World’ ‘torture'”.

Read for yourself . Better yet – click here. This is from the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

3 Responses to “Afterall, It’s a Small World”

  1. jane Says:

    just to clarify — I was 2. And they owe that man, and myself, way more than $8k. 😉

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    I think we actually went in 1965, the second year of the fair, and I we stayed in Anita’s apartment with Herbie. Mark and I visited Anita on our bike ride in 1982, and that apartment was not big. I was gob-smacked that they made room for five of us for the World’s Fair, even if three of us were “a small world” and could sleep on the floor.

    Jane, if you ever have trouble wakin up, you could get an alarm that played the theme song. You’d be up and out of bed in a flash to shut that off.

  3. RegenAxe Says:

    Um, that should be waking up, not wakin.

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