Cleaning – again

I am starting to think of almost everything I do at home in terms of cleaning and packing.

Can I throw this out?

Can I lift it?
If yes, I can probably throw it out.
Except if it is noxious waste.
The asbestos is gone, but there are two mercury thermometers sitting next to my computer.
There is the growing pile in the garage/basement waiting for me to make the call.

Will anybody miss it?

If I am really concerned I ask all potential missers.

Should I try to give it away to somebody?

I have made several give-away runs.
Goodwill, the Big Blue Truck, the Men’s & Women’s Chorus Rummage Sale,
And my favorite – the books and games extravaganza for some of our young friends (followed by the Big Blue Truck).
But I am getting down to the dribs and drabs.
I guess I could just put together a box of whatever I find, and set them out on the curb – or at Goodwill, etc.

Really I am just trying to get areas down to what we should keep.
And I am still probably keeping too much.

Perhaps my decision should be based on how much dust is on the object…

One Response to “Cleaning – again”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Dust on the object–so true! I need to get rid of some games, lots of them actually. I’m doing a little at a time so as not to stress myself out.

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