From here to here.

I arrived and left work today at a little past 7:30.

One of those days – with a rate hearing at the end.
Not too bad, and we actually had four customers show up.
Sometimes we have one, sometimes none.
What this really means is that, for our area, the cost of water and sewer is not the focus for most people.
Even those that did show up had reasonable questions.
No pitchforks.

Came home to Carl having lost a fight with a butternut squash.
He was gaining ground with the big knife, but wanted more, and went at it with the smaller version.
He paried, the squash twirled and grabbed the weapon.

Short version, he has a cut on the back of a thumb knuckle. Not too long, but deep enough to keep bleeding through the bandaid and wrap. (I think it has slowed down to a mere trickle.)

Enough for now, it is 9 PM and time for dinner.

One Response to “From here to here.”

  1. gene Says:

    When you have a cut that keeps bleeding, put pressure on the side from which the blood flows to stop it. Is that understandable?

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