The asbestos is now owned by somebody else!
Yes, I know they have our name and address as a generator, but I am sure of our double, and sometimes quadruple wrapping. Yellow bags, stickers. We are according to Hitler.

Now for a full on garbage patrol assault before the men with a truck show up. (Do you think they wear white coats?)

3 Responses to “GONE”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What a huge project and I’m glad that stuff is GONE. Or almost? 🙂

    • jay Says:

      The asbestos part is done. The drywall and woody debris lingers in our basement and garage. But now that the toxics have been evacuated I am getting close to calling the truck that hauls all manner of garbage away (for a price). Of course, I want to gather as much as I can before giving them the call, hence the garbage patrol.

  2. jay Says:

    OK – that was supposed to be, “According to HOYLE”
    I typed it on my phone while my carpooler was getting his coffee.

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