March Madness can mean Much Sadness

March Madness was always a fun event for our family.
We do a random drawing for teams, and then cheer them on – striving to be the winner of the roost.

Prizes used to be treats – for each game your teams won.
Because it is around easter, easter treats were normally the prizes.

The kids are older.
We are not eating sugar (much).
And chocolate may melt in the mail. (This is from experience.)

But bragging rights, and trash talk throughout the tournament can still be fun.

Throughout the years we have our favorites, and our hated rivals. Hence the “Much Sadness” part of the game.

A few tidbits from this year’s drawing.

  • Rey got 3 of the 4 number 1 seeds. (The top 3 seeds as well.)
  • Jay got Colorado State, an alma mater.
  • Jay got Rey’s alma mater, Montana
  • Ashlan got Jay’s other alma mater, Michigan State
  • Ashlan also got Carl’s almost mater, Illinois
  • Michigan State plays Valpariso in their first game. The carpool should be interesting on that day, as Valpo is one of my carpooler’s schools.
  • Jay got Duke, who has never been high on her list.
  • Rey got  Gonzaga, and everybody always wants Gonzaga.
  • Ashlan got LIU Brooklyn – close to her current whereabouts.
  • Ashlan plays herself three times in the first round.
  • Rey & Jay each play themselves once in the first round.
  • Carl has the possibility of moving all 16 of his teams through to the second round. (And also the possibility of losing them all.)
  • Rey will try to equally trounce each of his parents 6 times, while only picking on his sister twice.
  • Teams with a direction in their title generally don’t go too far.
    • Northwestern State doesn’t even bother to tell you which state.
    • Southern doesn’t bother either
    • Middle Tennessee is just funny.

In their wisdom the NCAA has delayed the tournament until mid-March, and it doesn’t end until April now. Maybe they will have to come up with a new nickname. But perhaps not. The madness is usually most fun in the first couple of rounds. Then it gets downright serious.

It is the madness I enjoy.

Go Liberty, Western Kentucky, Akron, or South Dakota State!
Let’s have some upsets.



7 Responses to “March Madness can mean Much Sadness”

  1. jane Says:

    Not sure Montana will make it too far, but maybe Gonzaga. U-M should make it at least thru the first round, although you can never be too sure. Hey wait a minute – you didn’t even mention who got U-M…

  2. jane Says:

    Rey got lucky with Gonzaga yesterday!!

    • raincharm Says:

      It was a wake up call. My carpooler wore his Valpariso sweatshirt, and told me I s***ed at lunch. Luckily I was the driver, so I did not have to worry about Busing home.

  3. Shelly Myers-Begane Says:

    Wichita is going nuts right now, Jay! Who got Wichita State University in your family?

    • raincharm Says:

      ME! I had a great day yesterday. Both Witchita St. & Syracuse.
      Fun times. I will need to do a full report after today’s games.

  4. Shelly Myers-Begane Says:

    Looking forward to it 🙂 Happy Easter !

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