Return of the asbestos

You know you are not blogging regularly when you have to go back and see where you were the last time.

So – to continue the travails of the asbestos waste.

For the want of a sticker it is once again piled at the bottom of our driveway.
The stickers, which are apparently required for non-friable asbestos, have been ordered and are hopefully in transit somewhere. It will be too late for a trip this weekend. I really want it cleared out so I can clear out other stuff that is queued up for a truck that takes away your garbage (but not asbestos).

This morning I started cleaning up from the demo project. We still have a few nails to pound down, and then a final sweep, but after that I think the room is ready to be used to stage things that need to be moved – out.

Almost cleared - and the beast remains.

Almost cleared – and the beast remains.

In other news, the Sounders lost the home opener that we attended, but had a thrilling comeback in a game we did not attend. And my new favorite player, Yedlin, scored. (That game was part of the Concacaf tournament, and the tickets don’t come as part of the season ticket package, it was raining, and a work night.) There is a home game today against arch-rival Portland Timbers. But we exchanged our tickets with a friend so we could have four for a game in May when some friends will be in town. [And it will probably be raining tonight, the game is on local (non-cable) TV, and we have plans to Skype with the kids to draw for our NCAA March Madness bracket.]

Spring has sprung. This picture is notable because it was not raining and taken AFTER arriving home from work. (Still light out.)

Spring is springing - before the equinox

Spring is springing – before the equinox

And finally, I realize I am getting older when I no longer know the current little kids critters. Carl and Sagan are holding oblongs or something. [I checked, they are Yo Gabba Gabba.]

Carl+Sagan (yes, really)

Carl+Sagan (yes, really)

4 Responses to “Return of the asbestos”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    I think I love the name Sagan for a child. I hope she grows into the name.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Raining here, like crazy. Then blue sky. Then pouring rain. Yikes. LOVE the name Sagan too, but Carl & Sagan is a humorous combo. 🙂

  3. RegenAxe Says:

    Carl looks much slimmer – must be veggies for breakfast. Love the combo of names.

  4. Marc Lermin Says:

    It’s not just friability. Pigeons, rats, mold and truck rambling release hazardous materials into the air. Mold spores even act like jet transports straight into your lungs

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