It has been a hectic few days.
A large part of hectic for me was doing the work of two.

Not at work.

At home.
I do truly understand what an easy life I lead.

I had to fend for myself from Friday until today. Although technically it would seem that it will be tomorrow when Carl actually arrives home.
Fending for myself should include some explanation.
I had to prepare (juice, heat up, maybe slice or spread) all of my meals.
Make my own coffee. Wash my own dishes.
[Like I said, I have it pretty good.]

The biggest effort of the weekend was working to clean up/out one room.
The girl’s room.
How can one house have sooooo many pens and pencils.
And shoes, and earings, and make-up, and lots of things that are fairly easy to throw away.
And one kindergarten train that will remain in our possession.
One recycle bin of paper later, the house is now starting to rise off of its foundation.
[We really need to get that earthquake nailing done.]

There is a rummage sale that will be getting a few box loads.

It did provide my exercise for the weekend.
Stairs, lifting, and lots of sorting.

Now – after a long day at work, my support system is going to arrive back home.
Of course I need to be at the airport at midnight to assist him home.
And he will be more tired than I am, so I guess I will need to be his support system.

Easy, peasy. There is still meatloaf left in the refrigerator.

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