Our chiropractor has a white board in the treatment room where he writes little things like, “exercise, …”
Today I asked him if I could add a bit, and wrote, “Choose Your Attitude.”
(This is part of the Fish Philosophy.)

My own attitude was changed this morning when I spotted not one, but two, eagles perched together on a bridge light.
It just made me smile.
Smiling made me happier. (Smiling really does work to make you happy.)

Work today was all about writing.
Of course I was writing a piece that was due Monday (past) at noon.
I finished it before launching myself into traffic.
It was 2-1/2 days late, but it still felt good to get it moved on.

Carl spent the early part of the evening cooking.
He has put away about four days worth of food. For me.
He is leaving on a jet plane tomorrow for a loooong weekend, and didn’t want me to starve, or worse yet, fall of the vegetable cart.

Carl is leaving to visit his folks and Steve & Jeanne.
Doris had some surgery and is recuperating.
The initial idea was to provide support, do some errands, etc.
It appears that is still the plan, but the scope has changed.

Instead of spending a week or two or three in care facilities, Doris is home after one day.
Apparently it is hard to predict what Medicare will and won’t do, and even after you are in the hospital it is apparent clear as mud.

Carl likens it to bullying.
Yes, you jumped through our hoops and will be cared for here, and in a care facility.
No, sorry, you have to go home.
Oops, we will care for you here.
Double oops, you must leave. Now.

I think Doris is doing OK, but I really won’t feel like I know until Carl can see her in person.

Tomorrow is our day of many things.
Work for both.
Cabinets, plumber, HVAC.
Airport for said plane.
And a talk about the Elwah dam deconstruction.

I am excited about almost all of the day.
And maybe there will be another sighting of the eagles.

2 Responses to “Attitude”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Those unexpected pleasures and surprises make our days good. Today wasn’t the best day for me, but there were still positive parts about it. And I did smile on numerous occasions, although my heart wasn’t always in it.

  2. gene Says:

    Maybe Doris was surprised to go home so soon but that is the way it is done. Hospitals are too expensive and insurance will not pay for long stays. Maybe some people go to an interim health care institution but if they can go home all the better. Hospitals are notorious for infections.

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