Learn Something New

Many wise people say they strive to learn something new every day. This allows them to thrive.

I would like to think I try as well, although I do not wake up in the morning with that thought in my head.

We did wake up to Sunday Morning. (The show on CBS, not that we did not sleep through Sunday.)
This morning’s show was all about the Oscars. It included a complete airing of one of the nominees for Animated Short. They were able to air the entire Fresh Guacamole entrée, because it is a short short. (Follow the link to see a short bit of this short.)

It involves an “avocado” and details how to remove the seed by gently hitting the exposed seed with a knife blade, which should then be embedded into the seed, allowing you to pull it out.
When Carl fixed a salad at lunch, including an avocado. And wouldn’t you know, it works.

We did more burrito wrapping today, and now Carl has reduced the (2) big brutes to 4 medium-sized brutes. We will wrap those soon. Then to the disposal site (not sure when this will be fit in to the work schedule). One more bit of toxic waste out of the house.

Except the two pieces of old ductwork that have FRIABLE asbestos tape on their edges.
I will have to re-read the asbestos material to see whether we need permits, etc.  They are small enough that we may be able to essentially encapsulate it from below before we detach it from the basement ceiling.

Filing enough months of paperwork backlog that it included closing our nice old small mortgage, and opening our nice new LARGE mortgage.

And now – watching the Oscars. (At least I am. Carl is slaving away – groceries, composting – and I am expecting that he is making dinner as well.)

We win – we have seen an Oscar winner, before it won. Brave. Best Animated Feature Film.

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