Spring training Seattle Style

Carl has been spending part of the last several Saturdays pitching batting practice to the Garfield High School baseball team. He has done this for several years. This is Rey & Ashlan’s alma mater, and one of our friends sons is the coach. Now in early spring the coaches are not allowed to work with the kids. But a parent or two arranges time in the batting cages to throw, hit and generally get ready for the real team work.

The real practices start next week, so Carl may be done with this gig for the season.
This pre-season effort was a bit more fun for Carl than usual because one of the incoming freshman players had a father that helped out as well. He happens to be a former Mariner. I always enjoyed his play, Ashlan – not so much. [I really don’t know why.]

Baseball stories

Baseball stories

Carl & Dan

Carl & Dan

We closed the evening by visiting an old acquaintances new restaurant. (Bruce Coogan for the kids)

Busy kitchen

Busy kitchen, (Jake Hoel’s mom on the right)

It’s call “Harry’s”, after his dad. Small world.



Good chicken (smoked, breaded in some secret spices and fried), greens (collard greens and kale) with caramelized onions cooked up on the grill, potatoes and rosemary roasted using duck fat. It was quite tasty and not at all greasy. It’s a small storefront, but it was filled up tight before we left.

Back to baseball. (There is a tie-in here, because Carl played baseball with Bruce). We ran into Jake Hoel’s mother at the opening. Carl was involved with Jake playing baseball with the kids. Jake’s mother gave Carl a real compliment, saying what a good positive impact he had on so many kids lives by coaching and generally hanging around playing. (Jake is in Auckland, so he wins the flying away from the nest contest.)

2 Responses to “Spring training Seattle Style”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Oh, I liked him(Dan); he was a catcher, right? Speaking of baseball players, Patt did the stairway in Mike Blowers’ house and really liked him. In fact, he has a signed bat that Mike gave him.

  2. jane Says:

    Duck fat? of course it tasted good!

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