Burned or Burnt

We’re taking toast.

As in, “Burnt toast.”
Or is it, “Burned toast.”

Whichever, it cost me about 3 hours this afternoon.
The toast, sourdough, ended up darker than intended, and emitted those small particulates that alert smoke detectors to emit loud, ear-piercing noises.

Our, “no it is not a drill,” activity went pretty well.
Better than our last drill.

I must have been asked by about 10% of evacuating people whether it was a drill.
Not one that I put together, was my stock answer.

Roll call went very well. Only one person unaccounted for.
It was not too cold.
It was not raining.
And after we finished roll call, I asked whether anybody knew why the alarm had gone off.
And one person admitted to be the Burnt Toast perpetrator.

About that time we got to meet the nice firefighters, and provide them with a limited tour of the office.
The fire panel, the kitchen (with said toaster), and the smoke detector with the blazing red light.

I have to admit to a bit of an Alexander Haig moment in all of this.
Usually during drills I prompt our GM to do the roll call, and follow through on everything.
Today I just took charge, and ran with the response.
(I don’t think he minded, but I have not had an opportunity to check in, and to apologize if necessary.)
((In truth, being in charge of Emergency & Security might give me the right to step up.))

The only down side to this drill that was not a drill, is that it will continue tomorrow morning. Most of the time wasted on this little exercise was spent trying to reset our automatic drop-down door over the reception desk. It makes the wall a fire wall. It is a pain to reset. It requires climbing into a very small space and wrestling with a gear, chain and pin. When I wrote the directions for resetting the door I included the statement, “This is where you swear.” [I wrote the directions listening to the people doing the work tell me what they were doing. This was done because they always hoped they were not asked to do it again, but there would need to be directions for the next minion assigned the task.]

We are back to having it down.
I am sure more fun awaits us in the morning. 

On the up-side. We walked to and from Yoga tonight, and did the Yoga class as well. I am nicely tired.

3 Responses to “Burned or Burnt”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Without actually taking the time to consult a dictionary, here’s my take on the toast. The toaster burned the toast. The toast was burnt. Maybe Gene will give us her words of wisdom, as it is Friday.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I think it can be either, but don’t want to commit without further checking. That scenario often plays out in my school when 1800 people have to evacuate because someone has burned popcorn in a microwave.

  3. gene Says:


    My Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary has burn followed immediately by burned or burnt as past tense.

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