Merry Christmas

We had a pretty darn good Christmas.
Full of family and friends.

Of course, none of them were here with us, except a few friends that just dropped by.

Because there were only the two of us in the house, we slept until 8.
Thinking we were safe with a 3 hour cushion between us and the east coast, we called Ashlan around 9 AM.
She was just rousing herself to the point where she was OK to Skype.

We spent some time sharing presents long distance, and generally chatting it up.

Ashlan's tree

Ashlan’s tree

Next up was Rey and the Colorado Harms.
Again, Skype is a great way to share – and better than just a speaker phone.

And finally the elder Regenstreif household, in two shifts.
Pre-dinner (theirs) we had a chance to chat with the younger, and then post-dinner the elders.

Finally we had our own dinner, and decided it was about time to work on our Project.
Dutifully downstairs we moved some more wood around and out of the way of the demolition.

[As an aside, I have never known a house to have so much unattached wood around. I know a few years ago I placed an enormous stock-pile on the curb. We have pulled out more, including some apparent fire-place logs, and a 1/4 of a trunk from what must have been a large tree. Most interesting were the four sides to a wooden crate. “Frigidaire” and “this side up” stamped along the sides, although it must have been one short refrigerator. ]

Just as we were hitting our stride, the doorbell rang.
A few friends stopped by to deliver some holiday treats.
This allowed us to finally return a sweatshirt that had been left at our house well more than a year ago.

It was good to talk, but it stopped our progress, and we took that as an omen.

We will be ready to go first thing in the morning – I promise (myself).

2 Responses to “Merry Christmas”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    speaking of Ashlan’s xmas tree, we don’t have a snail mail address for her. Makes it hard to send her a check. When would be a good time to call you today? I’d hate to stop your progress, unless you wanted it to be stopped. 😉

  2. Margaret Says:

    Love Ashlan’s tree!! We had a lazy Christmas day too–a film and then some fun gangnam dancing by the girls. 🙂

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