Candy Cane Lane

As we have for the past several years, we had Christmas Eve dinner with the Shannons. This year we were joined by the Steiners as well.

Since we had the three girls present, after dinner we put out our boxes of toys for them to choose from.
Several have found a new home. Horses (not the little ones with the stable – we kept those), games and puzzles. We even tempted the adults with a few pieces.

Don’t worry, Goodwill still gets a boxful, along with a bunch of clothes, and some other odds and ends.

And then it was off to Candy Cane Lane.
Always good for a holiday stroll, this year was better than most as it was dry!

1 CCLane

The gangs all here, and some are pictured.

2 CC Gang

There is always a theme to the centerpiece – this year it is the Nutcracker.

3 CC Centerpiece 4 CC Centerpiece 5 CC Centerpiece

Here are some of the decorated houses. Any time you see a sign, it says “Peace”.

6 CC sites 7 CC sites 8 CC sites 9 CC Sites 10 CC Sites 11 CC Sites 12 CC Sites 13 CC Sites 14 CC Sites 15 CC Sites 16 CC Sites 17 CC Sites

Our favorite over the years. In the past this list actually had a naughty and nice side. We thought it was funny because one of Carl’s brothers name appeared on the right (naughty) side. Now they have removed the decision, and added some more up-to-date names.

18 CC List

We walked through, but several choose to drive through. As a regional draw, this is the normal site on Christmas Eve approaching to drive.

19 CC Car line

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

One Response to “Candy Cane Lane”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad you could walk through because that traffic looked awful. We used to have a neighborhood a bit like this in Puyallup called Twinkle Lane.

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