Frank is gone, but Dweezil is doing a tour of his fathers music.

We attended the concert was at the Neptune Theater last night. The Neptune was a movie theatre and has been converted for all sorts of live shows. It is also less than a mile from our house. So we walked. In the rain. (Rain = steady, wetting stuff from the sky. As compared to showers = intermittent wetting stuff from the sky.)

Carl found an umbrella recently unearthed in our cleaning spree. It worked (for one anyway). An older Mariner’s version, perhaps from Griffey’s first year. Advertising by Nalley (Nalley Valley vegetables). I am not sure if Nalley still exists as a brand.

We sat in the balcony. This was where most of the seats were located. There was a VIP section on the main floor, and the rest of the space was for standing/dancing/etc. We decided we would enjoy the show more from a seated position. The view was good, and the show was great. Notice the number of grey hairs in the audience. We were not the only ones looking for a seat.

The Neptune

The Neptune

Close-up of Neptune



Neptune’s eyes watching every move from up high.

Eyes up high

Eyes up high

The musicians were all very talented, Two in particular played any number of instruments and sang, often in the same song with barely time to breathe in between. In one song Scheila Gonzalez was playing a saxophone/flute/keyboards and singing vocals. In the same piece Ben Thomas was playing trombone/trumpet/shaker thing/tambourine and doing vocals. The other musicians were equally talented, but most kept to one instrument.

The Band

The Band

Carl and I saw Frank in person about 25-30 years ago. I think I enjoyed this concert more. I say “think” because my memory of the long-ago concert is a bit fuzzy. Carl thinks it is because they did a broader assortment of music.

Yesterday was supposed to be a day to make great progress on the weekend project.
As it turns out progress was made elsewhere.

I think the physical nature of the previous day made me look for a slightly less physical aspect.

Toys became our main focus.
We chose some that will stay, and many more that will go.
This was more mentally taxing, with a bit of physical thrown in.
There are so many memories with some toys, and yet they don’t really need to live with us any longer.
We did tend to save classic, or just special toys.

And I got to play with a few while making sure they were still whole and operational.

As we get to spend part of Christmas Eve with some of the younger set, we are planning to have a “hand-me-down” Christmas, and let them make as many choices as they want (or their parents allow) from our to-go pile.

Hopefully this will be enough, because there is plenty to choose from.

Today was garbage/recycle/yard waste day.
We filled our garbage and recycle bins with detritus from the last few days, and then proceeded to fill 3 neighbors’ recycle bins and 1 neighbor’s garbage. We also tipped these service people as they were tipping our bins.

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