House cleaning

So this is the long weekend of our project.
Whether or not we complete our project this weekend remains to be seen, but we did make what I call significant progress. I think this will be one of those things where the set-up takes three times as long as the “project” itself.

We made the obligatory trip to the hardware store for supplies.
I think most people do their last minute shopping at other than hardware stores so we had plenty of attentive workers to help us find our supplies.

Brought them all home and they are down in the project area – still in the bags.

The room to be removed

The room to be removed

You can see a few big things left in the room. Along with the bags full of supplies.

Once home we set about cleaning the area around the project, which is supposed to generate copious amounts of dust. Carl had made a dent in moving pounds of basement debris upstairs. Toys in particular.

toy room

toy room

The study has been transformed into a toy sorting room.
Some will stay, many will go.

I think these made the cut.

little figures

little figures

They grew up playing baseball, card games, made up games, and hanging out in Lego lands.

Back down in the basement, things got shoved away, moved here and there,

Basement - floor visible

Basement – floor visible

If you have been in our basement before, you might notice that you can see the floor, and there is a fairly open pathway.

I, on the other hand, see a bunch more stuff that needs to be gone through, and a lot of it flung (or donated).

cleared out - at least a bit

cleared out – at least a bit

Another view, with the exercise equipment working its way out of the room soon not to be.

And the Pope wall, with the actual Pope wall part removed. Ready for tear down – almost.

The pope wall

The pope wall

And, for those that care, the Pope was saved from the recycle bin.

2 Responses to “House cleaning”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    I feel your pain!!!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I need to get inspired to do some organizing and flinging, but it’s all so overwhelming!!

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