Scene of the Crime

Well, that is sort of what it looks like.

Work area plastic door

Work area plastic door

Happy taper.

Taping Crazy

Taping Crazy

We spent a good bit of today continuing to find the final bits of detritus in the north end of the basement, and then doing what we could to put up a dust barrier.

There are some big pieces that feel as though they were put together in the room to be demolished.
Mostly because they were.

So we decided to at least start with them more or less in place.
Thus, the beast of the basement. (Or how to wrap an awkwardly shaped present.)

The beast

The beast

Also managed a load to Goodwill, and more staging for the storage pen.

Tomorrow I must go back to work – at least for a day or two.

One Response to “Scene of the Crime”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    What music are you listening to while you demolish? I seem to remember a scene in a movie, where the guy was knocking down walls with “The Ride of the Valkyrie” playing at full volume. Or maybe the 1812 Overture.

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