It has been on the list!

But I have lots of lists right now, and it did not quite make it to the top of the pile of lists.

So – it has been since last Saturday, one whole week, since I posted.
During that week a fair amount of things have occurred.
Some I will comment on, others I will not.

First, I feel I would be remiss if I did not mention the Connecticut tragedy.
I learned of the horror when I received an e-mail informing us that we should, “lower our flag to half-staff on Tuesday 12/18 to honor the victims of the tragedy in Connecticut.”
I had no idea what they were referring to, so I went to a news site. It just stopped me in my tracks.
I sent the requisite note our maintenance man, who normally does the raising and lowering. When I got to work today (Saturday), the flag was already down – as were others in the neighborhood. I concurred that this was appropriate, regardless of the official date.
My husband has a special spot for young kids and just can’t watch anything much on the subject at this time.
And so, with a heart that just can not quite comprehend or understand or imagine being in that position, I will move on.

So, lets move back to one of the best highs a week ago, when same-sex marriages started in our state.

Two of the weddings took place during intermission at the Seattle Men’s Chorus concert.
One of the couples includes two members of the Seattle Women’s Chorus. They have been together forever, and were interviewed by CNN the next morning.

How would you like to have an entire chorus sing you in for your wedding?

How would you like to have an entire chorus sing you in for your wedding?

My friend, in the Chorus, said it was an incredibly fun and emotional wedding, with 3000 of their closest friends (well at least supporters).

Walking up the aisle. Legal after 35 years.

Walking up the aisle. Legal after 35 years.

And this was just one venue. All across the state there were hundreds of weddings. Here is the Seattle Times front page.

It was deemed important enough to command the entire front page plus a 2-page spread inside.

It was deemed important enough to command the entire front page plus a 2-page spread inside.

Sunday we did manage to get our tree up and decorated.
Significantly different this year. It is an elf-tree and could not support our usual ornament trove, so we went a different direction.

Our 2012 Christmas Tree

Our 2012 Christmas Tree

Tuesday included a visit from one of our Oregon frequent flyers.
When we finally all converged it was about 8 PM, so we went out to a local watering hole for dinner.
Good food and conversation.

Saturday, we celebrated the weekend by getting up for early dentist appointments.
I am not complaining. Being able to not take off from work is a huge bonus.

And I want to know who sends caramel corn the night before a dentist appointment?
Thanks Mom & Dad, I’m just saying.

Work has been an ever-present part of my life.
And others. It is just busy. There were 8 folks that showed up today – Saturday. 6 for long stints and 2 for brief check-ups.
One of my fun tasks for today was making a few decorations for our holiday party (Wednesday lunch).
Of course, the plotter ran out of paper and I had to figure out how to change out 36″ paper rolls (successful).
[This was followed a short time later by changing the yellow toner on the color copier for a fellow weekend warrior.]
Needless to say, I could have been a little more productive today.

The Charlie Brown Tree in my bosses office

The Charlie Brown Tree in my bosses office

The theme of our lunch is reindeer games. My personal favorite.

reindeer twist

And as if a reward for working on a Saturday, through the rain, wind and gloom that can be a Seattle winter, the Christmas Ship parade stretched from one side of Lake Washington to the other as I crossed the bridge. (Picture from somebody else – last year)

christmas ships

2 Responses to “It has been on the list!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I haven’t been able to follow the CT tragedy; I am already too sad and don’t need that extra weight of grief. Love the tree! How small is it? Maybe next year, if I’m in the mood, I’ll do a little tree. I’m playing it by ear and have no desire to decorate this year.

    • raincharm Says:

      I completely get the avoidance strategy. It would seem like a lot of the outside world would just be better left to itself for a while. The tree is about 3 feet tall, and came with a stand (from Safeway). We have had table trees before, but none this small. It is good for us this year. With none of the kids coming home this year my first reaction was to sort of minimize the whole Christmas thing. But Carl needed to decorate so this was a good compromise. We have a task for the long Christmas weekend – to try and demo out a basement room – so hopefully I won’t be too out of sorts with our different situation. Hope you are managing OK. Jay

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