Holiday Spirit

Yesterday we finally started getting into our traditional holiday swing.

I went to work.
(Hey – it happens.)

When I came home from work we got gussied up and set out for the annual Green Lake Pathway of Lights.

It was a success by most Seattle measures.
A smattering of crying kids (3 miles is a fair piece, and I assume a few were cold, and I bet they did not have gummi-bears for every quarter-mile).
A reasonably good pace (but I think our counter-clockwise choice of direction was the less traveled direction).
And no rain!

Pathway of lights

Pathway of lights

This year the bagged candles were done slightly differently.
From an Seattle engineering view-point it was probably an improvement.
Same white bags, but inverted, with a small bit cut out of the bottom/now top.
The candles were still based in sand, but in the bottom of a plastic (salad at the food store) tub.
An improvement for those wet and windy years – which was not this year, but has been many times.
Trying to keep the candles lit in an open-topped bag in the rain has led to some rather dark damp walks in the past.

Luminarie Illuminated

Laminaria Illuminated

We saw the boats that cruise the lake as they were readying to launch.

Boats Afloat

Boats Afloat

Snow on the water

Snow on the water

A new addition to the several caroling groups this year was a live action play with live orchestral music.
We were not able to get close enough for a good view, but I did manage a few hold the camera high shots.

And they were gnomes involved! (I expected elves.)

Gnomes on the lake

Gnomes on the lake

At the end of our 3 (almost 4) mile walk we ended at Green Lake School, Ashlan’s alma mater and Rey’s kindergarten site.
Green Lake’s primary PTA fundraiser for many years has been the Christmas Tree sale. I always enjoyed this event as you only were selling to people who wanted to buy. It was a fun, and sometimes wet and mucky, event.
This year we only purchased a wreath (actually a swag), but gave them a hefty tip.

We got our tree from Safeway.
It is an “elf” tree. In other words, short.
With all of the boxes and stuff in general moving about the house we wanted something small, and as it turns out, mobile.
There will be pictures once the tree is decorated.

In all it was a fun night, although we did change our dinner plans to frozen black bean burgers (unfrozen by time we ate them).
We had a “real” meal planned, but it would have been past 9 PM before we sat down to eat. I could already tell I was getting the low-blood sugar grumps when we arrived home, so we went for speed over substance.
(I love the black-bean burgers, thank you Ashlan, so it was not a total letdown.)

Happy Santas

Happy Santas

2 Responses to “Holiday Spirit”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Maybe you needed a gummy bear every 1/4 mile?

  2. jane Says:

    I put ornaments up yesterday at the parental units house. First up – star santa of course! and then some others, although I didn’t think anything else was needed. and Harry and I had egg nog with bourbon as it rained a cold rain outside.

    that marked the second time in 3 days that I drank in the afternoon. 😉

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