Disparate Viewpoints

So between Carl’s various ailments and my minor annoyances, we have been seeing a fair number of care providers.
They are of various ilks.
We have seen doctors (several), nurse practitioners, chiropractors, masseuses, student doctors, dietitians, dentists, orthodontists, periodontists, lab workers, …….

Nothing to worry about, we are fine, just with issues here and there.

Today I got to see 3 to 4 different providers.
A doctor/dentist with an assistant of some sort and a resident (student doctor) for my TMJ and a chiropractor for hip and general misalignment. I think the TMJ has been improving. I know my hip has been improving, and I have decided to continue with the chiro for several months. Might as well give this a try.

We signed up for a yoga class in the new year as well.
I have never done yoga before, and am generally stiff and unbalanced. Carl, on the other hand, is flexible and balanced, and has done yoga before.

2013 will be the year of paying attention to our bodies.
Stay tuned to see how that prediction turns out.

I respect each of the people I saw today, and they both did what I anticipated and expected.
No complaints from me on any of their accounts.

But I mentioned to each my visit with the other, and they both voiced general distrust with the other’s profession.

I chose to hold my opinion and get on with each examination.

At the end of the day I am to relax my jaw muscle (but my mother always told me not to gape – which is essentially what a relaxed jaw looks like). And I am to eat right (by whose definition?) and keep myself in line and relaxed.

In the end, we are moving forward.
Even with all of our ailments and annoyances, we are healthy.
We know that can change in an instant, and count our blessings.
We know others that have not been so fortunate, and are keeping Margaret and her daughters in our thoughts, following the loss of her husband at too young an age.

3 Responses to “Disparate Viewpoints”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Thank you, my friend. Staying in good health is important. But in my husband’s case, he was in perfect condition (mostly) until he came up with cancer. The house is very quiet.

    • raincharm Says:

      Again, I think about you and try to imagine myself in your situation. Usually it runs to practical matters. The more esoteric are probably less expected and may actually have a bigger impact.


  2. jane Says:

    yoga is ‘a practice’ so you’ll be somewhere on a spectrum. I did it when my balance was better, and again after my balance was worse. I think it helped both times, perhaps for different reasons. I have also done pilates (it’s great – you get to lie down the whole time!) but don’t let that fool you – it will make you sweat. and in my case, get foot cramps quite regularly.

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