Finger Sticks

The last two weeks of December are always a bit different from those the rest of the year. And this year is the same. That is to say – different. And perhaps more so than usual.

Monday was a 10.5 hour work day. But that was mostly due to an early start care of taking my carpooler to the airport for an early flight.

Tuesday was an 11 hour work day. Trying to get things done that need to be done, and a few that would be helpful to those trying to beat end of the year deadlines.

Wednesday was a day to relax – at least a bit. Only 8 hours.
And since it was also the day of our holiday work lunch, there was a bit of a long lunch. And as part of the set-up and tear-down crew this year, even a little less work work than most.

During the set-up the fire department arrived for their monthly blood-pressure and blood sugar monitoring. (110/80, and 99.) The blood-sugar test ended with a band-aid on my ring finger.

After lunch I decided I had enough sustenance that I could spare a pint of blood. As it happened the Sammamish City Hall was hosting a blood drive, so I set off to do my good deed for the day. Unfortunately, after two attempts to pass the iron-test, I was found to be lacking. Iron that is. And sent packing. With a middle finger and pointer finger swabbed in band-aids as well.

Maybe tomorrow will be a “normal” work day.
Tonight – well I am trying to finish some planning for our proposed weekend activities. We will have to see how well I do, or if it slips into tomorrow.


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