To Kill a Mockingbird

It has been 50 years since To Kill a Mockingbird hit the silver screen. And a few more years since it was originally written by Harper Lee in 1960.

The book won the Pulitzer Prize. It provided a name for a friend’s dog (Scout). (This was a compliment). I don’t know anybody or anything named Atticus.

Neither myself nor Carl went to the movie the year it appeared.
In fact it would be several years later before either of us saw the movie.
I have no recollection of where or when I saw it, but I have seen it a half-dozen or so times by now.

And we plan to go see it tonight – in a theater.
I believe that will be a first for both of us.

I don’t think we will be walking, too late and a bit cold. But maybe.

Frosty morning. (Notice the edging.)

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