Fuzzy or Focused

This was from a few days ago.
I was trying to get a picture of the sunrise while on my way to work (not driving).

Mt. Rainier over Lake Washington

It wasn’t what I usually get, so I thought I would share it.
On the off-chance I already posted this – oh well.

It kind of matches some of my mornings, a bit fuzzy.

That is partially true. Fuzzy until I am up.

I am a morning person generally.
I do my best thought work in the morning.
If I could only get to bed earlier I would probably get more done overall.

My carpooler just called to say he was on the way, so this will be abbreviated.

And we got a bill, finally, from the hospital for Carl’s overnight stay.
It was, well, interesting.
The total was $57772. The Plan allowed $1760. They covered $1760.
We had already paid the Group Health $10 Co-pay.
They want us to only pay for the flu-shot = $32.

If we got the flu-shot at Group Health, it would have been $10.
Not that I am complaining – I am not.

But it brings to light what could have been if we did not have good health insurance.
All for now.

One Response to “Fuzzy or Focused”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hospital bills are incredible. We have a $900 copay per year, but after that, it doesn’t cost us much. I’m very thankful.

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