Back to the rain

That it is raining, is not a complaint.
It goes with the territory.
It can also be helpful when you have to do work – because you are not  longing to be outside.

Sunday was not a day of rest for us, except for the sleeping in part.
Then it was off to work, for almost a full day.

Today was also a work day. Our office was at about 50%.
If we work, we can save the day for a future day off – during the calendar year.

I do plan to take advantage of that – in the future.
For right now there are just too many irons in the work fire.

And at our Board meeting tomorrow I get to get a piece of paper telling me I have worked there for 25 years.
I wish I had thought enough to find a picture from my first year, and the one from now.
But we did not have badges back then, and especially not badges that open doors.
My how times have changed.
I do know that when I started we were just getting to 5000 water customers.
Now we have well over 16,000.

Even more telling – when I started I could drive without stopping (after I had turned out of my neighborhood) until I reached work. Every intersection I went through had a “free” right turn (Yield).

Quick – what color is a Yield sign?

Now, I think it would be about 10 traffic signals. That assumes I take SR 520, which is now a toll road.
So more frequently I take I-90, which results in 5 additional miles and about 11 traffic signals.

This is the only job my kids have ever known me to hold.
I was laid off from my previous job while on maternity leave with Rey.
He was 5 months old when I managed to land this gig.
I needed the work, or I might not have taken a job 25 miles away.

All in all, it was a good decision.




– And a yield sign is not Yellow.
It is Red with a white interior.

This is actually an age thing. It used to be yellow.


One Response to “Back to the rain”

  1. jane Says:

    25 years?!?!? that’s a long time! heck, you could have 2 grown kids in that time. 😉
    Also, I got Carl’s post card today — very tender, and yet amusing to me since a) I really don’t care much for the muppets and b) The Rainbow Connection song is on my ‘dis-like’ list.

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