A Beautiful Day

So – of course we went for a walk. Brisk – in the 30’s when we started.
We left the house just after 9 AM, and returned a bit after 4 PM.

1st stop was a mile-one half or so later at a 9 year old’s soccer game. They prevailed 3-1.
This was the last game of their season, but the City Tournament is in the offing.

The City Tournament is the best soccer deal around.
When our kids were young the team fee was about $30, and you were guaranteed at least 2 games.
Double elimination, with all of the teams from the City thrown into one pot (within your age category).
The tournament runs from November through almost Christmas. It is usually lined up with the school system’s winter vacation.

In Seattle this means many games played in the rain, possibly snow, probably wind.
Definitely a tournament to test a parent’s mettle.
And sometimes the players as well. We have many memories of kids that were chilled to the bone after both victories and defeats.

After we gave Eve’s team (the Pumas) our full 60 (minutes) we set off toward the Seattle Asian Art Museum.
About a 5.5 mile walk.
We passed many nicely decorated yards.

Flying Pigs

And stopped to get a coffee along the way. This shop had a lot of eclectic art. This piece was Pooh & Mark all rolled into one.

Quiet on the road with sound-muffling yarn

The Museum is located in Volunteer Park on Capital Hill.
Volunteer Park is a big park. We came across a pond with signs saying, “Do not feed.”
We could not figure out what we were not feeding at first.

They are all in the tree. All 70 (or so).

Maybe easier to see here.

It looked like they were sleeping. None of them moved while we were there.

The featured exhibit is called Many Arrows from Rama’s Bow, Paintings of the Ramayana. [Carl wants me to let you know that we then went to the Ramada to celebrate Ramadan with Ramen.]

Sorry, no pictures from the exhibit. I did not check to see whether pictures were allowed, and had turned off my phone to preserve power. We checked out a bit more of the outside art.

Looking East at a Black Sun near high noon

Looking west

Looking west toward the Space Needle, always in view

And we found Mr. Seward guarding the Conservatory. The crow decided to leave his perch just as I clicked.

It was folly for the crow to try to use Mr. Seward as a perch.

Walking was not the only way to get to SAAM. But would you tether your steed to a museum camel?

Art as a bike rack

We stopped at Le Fournil french bakery on the walk home. Almond and cheese croissants, and free coffee!
This wonderful bit allowed us to get up to Trader Joes (cheese and crackers), and finally home.

11 miles in all. More than we planned, but this was more of a – let’s go there, instead of a route with some interesting stops along the way. And we took a few wrong turns that added a bit of mileage, and one really steep hill.

Oh – and Ashlan has all utilities back now, and may get rent abatement (refund?!?) for the days when they were missing one of the main utilities – like power, heat, hot water.



One Response to “A Beautiful Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad to hear that NYC is getting back to normal. (and that you can stop worrying, if you’re anything like me!) Love the walk and have toured that park when Ashley lived on Capitol Hill. It was wonderful, although we went in the summer when it was way warmer!

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