Rainy Weather Redux – again

I wrote this post yesterday. Published it. Updated it. Really.
But when I went to look for it today – it was not there!?!?!?

The idea was to update the storm impacts to dear Ashlan. This is information from yesterday, with a brief update from this morning.

She is still in Queens, at a friend’s house.
She had self-evacuated there shortly before the subway system shut down.
Kitten, movies, and power. She has it all.

Ashlan’s Cuddle Buddy

Her opinion is that the move was a good move.
A few pictures from her apartment’s area.

At one corner of the apartment complex.

20th St and Avenue C

A Google-Map view from a sunny day.

A drier version of 20th and Avenue C

Where we walked about a month ago.

Battery Park Walkway in September

Yesterday – we would have needed some rubber boots.

Battery Park Walkway

No work today – her place of business is near Battery Park. Probably out of power, and possibly flooded.

Speaking of power. Here is the video of the power sub-station putting on a light show next to her apartment complex. You may well have seen this on the news.

And while she is in Queens, she is in A, not Breezy Point where 80 homes burned. (This was the news we woke up to this morning, not knowing where she was in Queens.)

Today’s challenges have extended to Michigan as well.
We have rain, and lots of it – but then we are in Seattle.

I think yesterday’s version was better written, and maybe had more information – but ……. oh well.
I blame the computer!

One Response to “Rainy Weather Redux – again”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m so glad that she’s safe and cozy, but those photos make me SAD. I love NYC! I’ve walked along that walkway. 😦

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