Creepy Crawlies

Tomorrow is Halloween. There may be a few neighborhood kids that probably planning to stop by.
There are about a half-dozen kids on the block, and we are known as a kid-friendly house.

We are in that every year decision – to get ready for them, or to ignore the night.
And it is predicted to rain as well, decreasing the possibility of more than a few kids arriving on our doorstep.

But we do have a couple of good size spiders that are waiting on the porch to welcome the little ones.

Our first. He/She lives under the light.

The other one. He/She lives off to the side. Obviously not as dominant as the shelter from the wind and rain is not as substantial.

Here is one we encountered along a walk the other day.

And at work we have a really big one, judging by the web.

(This is the IT guy’s (Wizard – see the hat) cubicle, decorated by a customer service friend. )

And tomorrow we may get some more information on the horror story from NYC.
Late breaking news is that Ashlan will be accompanying her GM to their store to assess the damage.
And then go help out at another store that is further from the flooding.
I have requested pictures.

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