Halloween is Here

It has been raining most of this week. Heavy Seattle rain that is, no hurricane winds.
The forecast for kids at our house was thus dampened.
But, on the positive side, there are about a half-dozen kids on our street, and the bus stop is at the end of our block (the west end – for my kids to understand). And the rain has been on the light side through the evening.
Carl go a pumpkin carved.

Scary Pumpkin

And he got himself gussied up.

The dark creature

Manny being Brian Wilson.

Manny being Brian Wilson

Ashlan’s day – filtered through her mother, with a lack of total knowledge and details.
Her day started by meeting the general manager of her store to share a cab from Astoria in Queens to their store in Lower Manhattan (near Battery Park).
In Ashlan’s words, “the store is 100% trashed.”
They were not allowed in the building, but the door had been “blown” off, and the store had been flooded. They could look through the window, but it was only 7 AM and too dark to see very far in. So no pictures.
Next stop was a brief stop at her apartment (I assume for a clean outfit perhaps).
Then off to the 44th Street store where she had worked previously, and one of the folks she has been staying with works as well. She put in an 8 hour day at this store.
At this point she walked back to her apartment to, “toss everything out of the refrigerator and freezer.” After this the plan is to grab some clean clothes, walk back to the 44th Street store, and then walk back to Queens with her short-term landlord. The walk back to Queens will be about 4 miles.
General notes – there is no power south of 34th (she lives at 14th).
It was very eerie arriving in the dark – really dark. No street lights, etc.
In Seattle when a traffic signal is out it is treated as a 4-way stop. Not so much in Manhattan.
A few other of the Potbelly stores have experienced some damage, but her store was by far the worst.
The estimate was at least a month to get it back to where it could be usable. Basically starting from scratch again.
Tomorrow will start again with a shared taxi to Manhattan. I am not sure exactly which store they are aiming to get to, but am guessing 44th.
Both of Ashlan’s roommates are still absent. One is elsewhere in Manhattan, and the other may be still be in Seattle (flights are still difficult to come by). Not sure how long until the power will be restored to their place. Since they are next to the sub-station that put on the spectacular transformer light show I am hoping that they will have power shortly after they get the station back into service. (Complete supposition, based on no facts at all.)
I am hoping they are able to spread the work around for those from her store. Still have to pay the rent. But hey, maybe they will take off a bit for the lack of electricity.

2 Responses to “Halloween is Here”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Great costume! The weather here was relatively calm, especially compared to NYC. Hope that Ashlan’s life gets back to normal as soon as possible!

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Fee fi foe Fum
    I nearly choke on some Reds hots
    Then I sucked my thumb

    Fee fi foe Fum
    Next I eat a little Red Birds
    Then I sucked my thumb

    Fee fi foe Fum
    Then I kill an endangered cat
    Then I suck my thumb

    Fee fi foe Fum
    Now I am the World Champ
    But I still suck

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