Stormy Weather

Yesterday was wet. Today not so much.
So dry so far that we might walk to our home for the World Series.
That is, here in rainy Seattle.

We spoke with Rey earlier, and apparently winter has arrived in eastern Tennessee.
They had 80s not too long ago, but are expecting snow now.

On the east coast Sandy is dominating the news.
Ashlan is without an umbrella and the subways will be shutting down in less than an hour.
She is in Zone B, so evacuation has not been ordered.
She is also on the 8th floor, so if the windows are closed they will probably stay dry.

Stuyvesant Town – Hurricane Zones

There was no mention of rain during the Seattle Seahawks vs. Detroit Lions game earlier today, so we are assuming Game 4 of the World Series will go on as scheduled.

We have managed to watch all games so far with our little baseball family here in Seattle.
All at Chez Handley.
Chez Handley features TiVo, which allows late arrivals, breaks to refill plates with food, and replays of our own design.

The food:
Game 1 featured Sausage, mashed cauliflower, salad, and a few other sides. With local ice cream (Marionberry and Chocolate Pudding) for desert.
Game 2 was a vegetable spread and fruit  salad, accompanied by some “popped” chips.
Game 3 included roast chicken, tabouli (couscous really) salad with feta, greek olives, tomatoes and onions. We finished the ice cream as well.
Game 4 is scheduled to be chili with cornbread.

The games themselves? Heavily weighted toward Giant fans.
I am the sole true Tiger fan at these events.
Carl has wavered a bit, and doesn’t cheer as loudly as the others.
Yesterday there were claims of others supporting the Tigers, but really they are just hoping to extend the Series into next week.


2 Responses to “Stormy Weather”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I got lots of yard work done today; it was decent and even warm! I’m glad that Ashley is out of NYC, but CA has lots of earthquakes. Can’t win! Love chili with cornbread. 🙂

  2. Ashlan Says:

    I’m a block east of that star. but i’m not actually there so it doesn’t really matter haha

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