The weekend – past

So the weekend was actually pretty full of comings and goings.
Dennis had arrived, but we really only got to hang with him a bit.

After dragging ourselves out of bed we headed off towards Green Lake. After a truncated walk (about 2.5 miles) we stopped to watch Eve play soccer. Eve is ten years old now. Carl took care of her from 0-5. It was a fun game to watch, and she scored a goal! They are at the age where many of the players are getting the idea of putting a play together, and going to the ball. Then it was on to Starbucks and a walk home.

The next big event after going through the Saturday paper was a visit to WalMart!
Not my usual Saturday trip, and especially not to a store in Lynnwood.
Now I don’t really have anything complaints about Lynnwood, except all of their traffic lights and endless strip malls. But we ventured forth anyway. And armed with the address, we drove right by the store.
I would not ever have expected to be able to miss a WalMart, don’t they have huge signs announcing their presence? As it turns out, not in this case. They did have a few guys on the sidewalk waving signs, but that was it. The store is new, I think brand new, and maybe it did not have the sign permits in hand yet. It is also not a super-store, but a “Market”. I am not sure how that is different, as we never got inside of the store.

We were there to meet Mike Blowers. Prior player, and still associated with the team. Carl wanted his autograph on a postcard regarding his first home run in the majors. Really his first 2 home runs, since he hit two in that game. Carl had put the box score with details on the card. Blowers actually seemed to like that it had that bit of information included.

In the evening we went out to see the Seattle Women’s Chorus in St. Marks Cathedral. It was sitting in pews on a concrete floor in a big church. But it had an organ and fantastic acoustics. One piece had me melting into the pew. Carl thought it was one of the best performances we had seen.

St. Marks – on the hill

Sunday dawned, but I did not, at least not for a bit.
Then we were off and reading – the newspaper.
When we finally got ourselves moving however, we did not stop.

First was the Seattle Art Museum, and their Elles: Women Artists from the Centre Pompidou, Paris  exhibit.
And the non-visiting part of the museum had also been transformed into an exhibit of works by women from the museum’s collections. My initial impression was that I had liked some, but not all. Many statements about the objectification of women, made in a variety of mediums. But we found ourselves talking about it more than I would have expected, so it did have an impact.

We dawdled as we were leaving as it was raining cat’s and dogs.
Finally out on the streets again, headed toward the Sounder’s March to the Match.

The Sounder’s coach had been suspended for making some well deserved, but disparaging remarks about the prior game’s referee. So he was there too. We signed up for the give-away drawings and started to mill about. Then the hail started. The emcee suggested that Swanies (a bar on the edge of the square where the march starts) would not mind some business, so we took his advice and got inside. Met up with an old soccer acquaintance chatting.

When the festivities started up again, I went where I could hear, just outside the outside part of the bar. Carl stayed, sipping a beer and chatting. Wouldn’t you know it, the last name called out was, “Carl Harms.” Of course Carl could not hear. So I ran over yelling at him, and he came out. I was trying to get through the crowd telling them Carl was here, but in the meantime another guy went up, claiming HE was Carl Harms. They asked for ID, but he did not produce it, so they let him have the Montero Jersey. (A NICE PRIZE) I could see him as he left the stage, so I grabbed his arm and asked him for the jersey, since I knew who Carl Harms was. He kept saying he was Carl, but would not produce ID. I followed him around, trying to see where Carl was in the crowd, but they eventually took off, and I did not think I should follow further. There was one other fan who had tried to intercede on my behalf, but these 20-something year olds were really lacking in the ethics and morals department. (I was pissed, still am I guess.)

Meantime, Carl had made it to the stage, with ID. But of course they had no additional prizes to give out, so they gave him an e-mail to contact them through. Which we did. I hope they send a jersey (we had actually talked about getting one earlier that day), but they will probably send some more junk that we really don’t need. I was really disappointed.

The game was fun, including the drenching downpour. The Sounder’s won 3-1. [3 goals means free haircuts, and I could use one.]

We did not stay around for the after-game festivities, but took off for our next activity, Dennis’ show, “The Mormon Church Explains it All for You.” He has a bunch of training and morals films made by the Mormon Church in the late 60’s. They were amusing to say the least, but very serious. And some of the hair do’s must have had inner structure and spray. Not a hair out of place, and very boufant. (Follow the link for more information.)

Finally home – into bed and off to work again.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Love Saint Marks! I’m a lapsed Episcopalian you know. Our daughters went up to a musical event there last year at Christmas and loved it. My husband did the stairway in Mike Blowers and has an autographed bat that he gave him. He thought Mike was a really nice guy!

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