Game 1 – the good food game

Game 1 came and went last night.
It was definitely the Giant’s night.
They were hot coming out of the NLCS, and were still hot.
I am hoping they cool down just a bit, and let the Tigers have some fun too.

We have been graciously invited to watch at least the first two games of the World Series at fellow fan Mark’s house. This is good because 1) he has TiVO, which means that those of us that take an hour to get home sometimes don’t miss the game, and 2) he makes a great dinner.

Last night we had sausage with grilled onions and pepper, mashed cauliflower, salad and pickles. Mmmmm.

Tonight Carl is bringing a fruit salad, veggies with humus, some crackers and will be ordering a pizza.
(Note: Pizza isn’t exactly a low-carb alternative, or low-salt, but should be OK in moderation.)

Tomorrow? Don’t even know exactly where the viewing party will be, so the food is an unknown.


(I think I am the only one truly rooting for the Tigers in our bunch. There was much panda praising going on last night. However, I will admit that Carl has tried to balance the shrine with both Giant’s and Tiger’s paraphernalia.)

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