Happy Birthday – Bob & Me

With Age Comes Wisdom
Sounds Like a Pretty Lousy Trade-off to Me.

In addition to sharing his son, Bob & I get to share a birthday.
Hopefully Bob has not given up on looking for my blog, and will see this birthday wish.

We are finally emerging from underneath computer issues.

Bought myself a birthday present, in the form of a new computer.
This would seem to be a good thing, but there are always several layers of frustration for me associated with starting any new computer. Getting the right programs installed, without paying for a brand new system every time.

As soon as I stop yelling at the new machine, we will figure out a way to get along, and then it will be smooth sailing.

Really, it should not be as bad as all that, but it is on my mind. (It took me about an hour to crop a picture. Windows gallery? Not on this machine – you must join Windows Live to use their new version.)

In the meantime, life has gone on.

Come live with me and by my love,
And we will all the pleasures prove

Christopher Marlow

Carl & I got to spend the afternoon together on Friday – and it was great fun!
The funny thing is that it was at the doctors’ office. We both had appointments and accompanied each other.

I guess you need to be an old married couple to understand, but trust me, it was much more fun doing it together.

Carl had an appointment to learn a bit more about diabetes.
I joined him, and then went to my own to figure out why my jaw hurts.
(No jokes here about flapping my jaw too much – it is my birthday after all.)

I dislike going to see the doctor with these little piddly ailments. Not so bad to make you go right away, and it almost seems like maybe there is nothing wrong with you. (Speaking of old – I think I was older than the two doctors ages combined.) They diagnosed TMJ. (Too Much Jay according to Carl)
TMJ = Temporomandibular joint disorder
They suggested I go to a clinic that specializes in this disorder, at the University of Washington.
(Carl thinks the doctors there may be even younger.)
My goal – to chew without hearing it in my ear, and be able to open my mouth wide again.

Essentially, Carl has to watch what he eats, and I need to watch how I eat.

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday – Bob & Me”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Happy Birthday to both of you! Ouch on the jaw. Isn’t getting older “fun?” All these delightful health issues crop up…diabetes, TMJ, in my case, arthritis in my right foot as well as occasional back and knee issues. Ugh.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Heard part of an article on NPR that showed a link between sleep apnea and diabetes. I’m sorry that I didn’t hear all of it.

  3. jane Says:

    hee hee – TMJ. also – eat pizza, but not the extra crust. get a splint for sleeping. and yes, I’m younger (and taller) than you, although I have no license to dispense medical advice. 😉

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