We have arrived.
Yesterday, with a total of 1-1/2 hours sleep we left for the airport.

2 flights later we landed at Laguardia.
(We changed planes in Denver, and I am pretty sure I saw the Fort Collins Harms block. (Mind you this is a square mile block or so.))

Ashlan took pity on us and met us at the airport, although there was a brief moment of right vs left.
The sights we have seen were mostly from the taxi ride – good introduction to NY traffic.

Ashlan picked up Rey without the dozing parents, and we are now all together. [The dozing turned out to be much dryer than the Rey/Ashlan walk.]

The couch (aka Rey’s bed)

Off to Yankee Stadium.

“” am typng ths on Ashlan’s computer, whch has a balky “” key. I want you to apprecate the extra effort t took to get ths down n a legble format.

One Response to “NYC”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I so miss NYC, but not the flight there. It was brutal. Enjoy the baseball and the family time. 🙂

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