Yankee for a day

Today revolved around a Yankee vs  Athletics game at Yankee Stadium.

Bought a 7-day pass for the subway and set off.


I was really feeling like a fish out of water.
I am not shy about using mass transit, and we had our knowledgeable guide, Ashlan, but I did not have a grasp of the general direction, how to get in and out of the  subway stations, how do you know if you are on the right side of the tracks, etc ….

The subway to the game was not too overcrowded. We even got to sit down a bit on the second train.

We  arrived early, hoping to catch a bit of batting practice, but there were  no players on the field.
Wandered for a bit, and then three Yankees stepped up to the plate.

3 person BP

Good thing we were  paying attention, because they were the only players that hit.

The kids

We did not catch any balls, but Carl managed to get one from the Athletics bullpen, which was next to our seats.

The day was warm/hot and the stadium was crowded. 48,000+ if I remember correctly.
Our seats were in left  field. 2 in the front row, and the other two a few seats down in the second.

We’re in the front row (which has a rather high concrete barrier that would block the view of a diminutive seated person).

Just to the right of Ichiro. A mirror of our vantage point at Safeco for so many years.

The other back-side of Ichiro

It was funny listening to a couple of fans comment on Ichiro’s continuous stretching. They surmised it was due to his advancing age, but we know he has done it all along.

Yankee Stadium Flags

The game was pretty good, scoring on both sides with the Athletics prevailing in the end. And closing on 4 hours long – much too long for a 9-inning game.


In the middle of the game 5 planes provided some entertainment from above.
They were promoting the arts, and defending the arts.


We were not in a position to see the entire message, but here are a few samples.


Carl got a second ball tossed up from the bullpen to end our Yankee adventure, and gave it to a kid who was late in arriving for the ball begging.

Back out with the crowds and on to the subway.

And at the end of the day, I could get to the first subway station we went in to, and know where two grocery stores are located.

Tomorrow the boys are going to Baltimore to see the Orioles.

Happy Boys

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