Back to Abnormal

Day to of the new reality went a little more smoothly. Blood and everything.
And this was in spite of the Mariners 18 inning loss to the Baltimore Orioles.

Now it is not 19 innings, but darn close.
By 17 innings the crowd was getting a little sparse.

A small group of outfield area fans watch the start of the 17th inning of the Seattle Mariners versus Baltimore Orioles game at Safeco Field Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012.

Photo by Erika Schultz, the Seattle Times. Not in the hard-copy edition. It was too late, the paper had already gone to press.

I did not attend the game.
Not even the first 9 innings.
It is obvious that Carl did. And Kevin, exiting stage right (or is it left).

Carl had indicated he was just going to go to batting practice and try to chat with the Mariner bullpen coach. He has been helping Carl with a few of his projects. In this case he had two scorecards from Carl for Felix’s perfect game. Signatures on the scorecards is the request.

Carl had some friends playing a Senior League game, and was going to leave after an inning or two to watch their game. I did not want to go for just a few innings, so stayed away. Work called anyway. Trying to squeeze just a few more moments in this week.

I was asleep before Carl reappeared. I think the game went until 1:30 AM or so. Not really sure.

Tonight I stayed late at work for some budgeting fun.
When I decided I had had enough I checked on the Mariner game.
Tied in the 10th inning.

But for a real fan, perhaps more baseball is a good thing.

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