Day 1 – fail

So it is day 1 of the new reality.

And we started off with a failure.

Part of yesterday’s exercise in the medical community was to get some new hardware to help monitor Carl’s sweetness factor. Why is it that everything seems to need more hardware? We watched the pharmacist give a brief demonstration, and it did not seem too complicated.

That was until we had to figure how to get the cap off of piece one, finally done.
Put the sharp bit two into piece one, without poking anybody.

But when it comes time to try to poke somebody – the tiny little needle shoots out, but only teases the skin. Several pokes later we have little ticks at the skin, but not able to get enough blood to attract a mosquito.

Carl later went back to the big medical complex where the nice person said he had the machine used for soft female fingers. He needed the machine for big touch male fingers. Machine provided, demonstrated, and hopefully we are now off and running. Well, at least bleeding better.

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