Pre-Existing Conditions

So we now have one more.

Let me start by saying Carl is feeling great.
Better, in fact, than he has recently.

This is due in part to some magical half-domes (Yamuna Foot Wakers) that cousin Aimee introduced about a week ago. His feet are loving the nubbly massage and moving better than they have in quite a while.

Foot Wakers

Thursday evening was going along swimmingly.
We were not swimming, but it was going smoothly.
I had returned home from work late, and Carl was in the kitchen fixing tacos.

And then the confusion started.
Full sentences, full person and place recognition, but not knowing why things were where they were and how they got to be there.

So off to Urgent Care we went.
The memories returned with a bit of effort, but it was foggy for a few hours. CAT Scan, blood work, EKG, the usual battery with no formal diagnosis.
So off to the hospital we continued.
They monitored him for the night and put him through an MRI the next afternoon.

Still no firm diagnosis, although we are leaning toward Transient Global Amnesia.

But what was diagnosed was diabetes (Type 2).
Carl has always exercised, and I don’t think our diet was all that bad.

It will be getting better.

I think that leaves it to me to eat all of the “bad” food so Carl won’t be tempted.

2 Responses to “Pre-Existing Conditions”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Scary medical stuff though. I’m glad it’s worked out/figured out. Diabetes is very manageable. šŸ™‚ My mom has done well with hers for several decades.

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