Radio Silence

Due to:

  1. Computer Malfunction
  2. Areas of no connectivity, and no working computer to connect
  3. Lack of conscious time with cogent thoughts

I use computers all the time, but occasionally they can be baffling. Like when they work fine in the morning, but by the afternoon you can not connect to the internet. Usually when that happens we figure it is with the internet connection itself. Unfortunately it takes a day or two to get that idea off of the plate.

Probably more than 1 week later, I finally got the computer in to work, where our resident Wizard was able to find the sneaky program that was keeping the computer from connecting. Trojan, virus, not sure. But in addition to detecting and eradicating the don’t connect program, he was able to delete several thousand bits of things that were probably slowing this old computer down.

There is a reason we call him Wizard!

And there were the 3 days on the island of little connection. Lopez that is. It was very interesting to be back in a time where land lines trump the cell phone. Liberating even. We basically turned off the phones for the duration.

The reason for the island time was the wedding of a first cousin once removed.
It was a great event, and we wish the bride and groom years of happiness and adventure. The entire group of people we got to meet and know for a bit were wonderful. The housed us, fed us, told us island stories, and made our weekend magical. It was a really fun family time, with beautiful surroundings. We kept saying, “We have not been anywhere that did not seem beautiful.” The wedding party family and friends did an awesome job.

The wedding also provided us with the opportunity to show off a bit of Seattle to sisters, cousins, and in-laws of various degrees. Carl was the primary tour guide. Space Needle, the Troll, EMP (Experience Music Project), and the Pike Street Market. Other places as well I am sure, but it seems like forever ago already.

Work has been flying at me at a maddening pace. I try to put in some extra hours, just to keep up. There are a few things that just need to get done, so the time must be spent.

That is until something more important comes along, like unexpected visits to the doctor. And why is it that these are never during a convenient time? (Everyone is OK.) The system worked for us, although there were a few too many hours spent waiting, but, since it was not as dire as others’ issues, one must learn to be patient. (That is a little joke, hee, hee.)

Carl was impressed with the skills and patience of the health care providers he saw and heard. Especially heard working with others. The end result of this event is we will pay much more attention to our diet and exercise. More in a future post I am sure.

We spent almost 24 hours getting to know the medical system just a bit better, and then slept for about 12 straight.

One Response to “Radio Silence”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad that Lopez Island and the family doings went so well. Perfect weather for it! I would like to hear more about the medical doings because I’m curious. My biggest sin.

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