Ashlan’s last game – for now

It is about the time I usually get up. Well, about the time the alarm usually goes off.
I am at work. Well – in the office, I am not quite working yet.

This was all because Ashlan had to return to New York today. On one of those really early flights that don’t seem so bad when you make the reservation, but when you set your alarm the night before, and it tells you that it will go off in 3 hours and 25 minutes, you reconsider the wisdom …

I dropped her off at the airport. At the Arrivals pick-up. Because the Departure drop-off road was backed up almost to the point of decision between Arrivals and Departures. This is a fine bookend to the trip because we picked her up in the Departures area, because Arrivals was backed up. Hopefully the time we saved will give her the edge to get to her plane on time. (She was not worried, but I was fretting a bit. And the long line at Departures may translate to long lines at security.)

The other great bookends to her trip were Mariner games.

Not that she did not do anything other than go to Mariner games, but they seemed to be a significant part of the schedule. Dozens of innings, but not quite up to St. Louis standards for innings at a time.  There was also a Sounder’s game, several meals out, friends, some movies, and the Great Seattle Wheel.

The first Mariner game she attended was Felix Hernandez’s PERFECT GAME.
The last Mariner game she attended was also a Mariner win, and Carl caught (<– vide0) the game winning home run by Michael Saunders. Saunders actually hit two during the game.

High five – Carl + Ashlan – after the catch

And I think every game she went to, the Mariner’s won.
Carl pointed out that my record for the year is fairly dismal.
Apparently Ashlan’s good luck overpowers my bad luck.

And tonight is Felix’s game, his first since the Perfecto.

People are all doing the “Felix” and posting pictures.
At the soccer game Fredy Montero did the Felix when he scored, although Ashlan disagrees on this point.
But enough people accept the Fredy Felix, so he is throwing out the first pitch at the game tonight.

My personal favorite

Wild Thing Felix

Somehow, I don’t think the Cleveland Indians are all that excited about the Felix hoopla, and will try to dampen the building mood for the game.

Safe flight to Ashlan!
And now it is time for real work.

2 Responses to “Ashlan’s last game – for now”

  1. jane Says:

    a) I like the Wild Thing Felix.
    b) I was on ESPN on Friday morning while attending the Western & Southern Tennis tournament. But no taped footage that I’m aware of. But my friend saw me, so that counts, right?

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