yes, we are still here

Ashlan is somewhere near the front

I blame Ashlan.
Not that she has physically kept me away from the computer, but the schedule has been impacted. She has been extremely busy, friends and all. We did get to see her here and there. And she and Carl were both at the Felix Hernandez perfect game. Not together, but both there. Ashlan was in the “K” section that hais been part of all of the news reports. Dinners here and there, and a few movies (at home). She has a much better Mariner record than I do, so Carl is hoping she will accompany him to the game tonight.

I will try to do better this coming week.

2 Responses to “yes, we are still here”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Is that her in the very lower right corner? There was a news bit on the TV news the other night about a 9-month old baby who has been at both the perfect games involving Seattle! Those were the only two games his Dad took him to this year.

  2. jay Says:

    Yes, Ashlan is in the lower right corner. Her friend Lauren is right next to her.

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