The Supreme Court

Usually when Felix pitches there are a few sections where the participants where Yellow Felix shirts, wave K cards when he is close to a strike out, and chant and cheer him on.

This is the King’s Court section from the Perfect Game.

King’s Court

Note: Ashlan is in the lower right corner. (Yes this is a repeat picture.)

Tonight featured Felix once again, and a celebration of his Perfect Game. The Mariners knew they would not be able to contain the King’s Court, so they went for the Supreme Court. 34,000 of the 39,204 attendees got a t-shirt and a K Card. (By comparison, 21,889 was the attendance figure for the Perfect Game.)

The stadium was still filling at the first pitch.

Felix’s Supreme Court

Quite the spectacle.

Not quite as stellar as his last game, Felix still only gave up one run.
The other pitcher (also a Hernandez) had a no-hitter through 4-2/3 innings, but then we got a home run – and the game was on.

In addition, this was the night for the trading card give-away.
This is one of my favorite fan things. Not because you get cards, but the way they put it together encourages people to talk to one another.

The card set has 27 cards. But you only get 21 unique cards, and 6 extras of one card. Then you get to go around and see who has the cards you need to complete the set, and trade your extras. Just gets people interacting.

The sheer number of people in attendance made this a bit more interesting, as not all were really aware of the card game, or perhaps just not interested. We did successfully build a few sets. 

This morning there was a moment when the game was in peril. There was a watermain break, essentially 2 blocks south of the stadium. The  businesses closer to the break lost water service (and some were flooded). Thankfully, Safeco Field was only impacted by traffic restrictions in the area of the repair.

Quite a run. One more game in the homestand, and then we can clean up the house.

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