Soo day

We went to town today.

I used to think the Soo was the biggest tourist trap around.
I no longer think that, for I have seen Gatlinburg.

And it is still fun to go in and browse a bit.

And buy fudge.

We started the day with a walk on the beach. Or at least near the beach.

Harry walking almost on the water

I chased a sandpiper for a bit – trying to get its picture. It is in here, just well camouflaged.

Can you find the sandpiper?

Before fudge, we indulged in the hamburger hangout that has been there forever, Clydes. We ordered and took our food to the nearby Rotary Park.

The slide that is always at Rotary Park

The seagulls were busy with others for the most part, and we got a great view of the Tregurtha headed upbound.

Tregurtha – upbound

Sated, well – bloated, we headed back to tourist row for some exercise in the form of putt-putt golf. The kids had a threesome, and the next generation a foursome. Let’s just say the kids average was lower than the next generation. And because the next generation was playing second, only the next generation had a group breathing down our necks.

Dave admiring Ashlans putt

A great time was had by all, and we were ready to head back to the beach, and the lake. One last big ship before we left. It looked brand-spanking new.

The Spruceglen – looking shiny and new – downbound

Today’s lake adventure included a fit-ball. Try as everyone might, there was no sitting on the ball in the lake. And with the 5-10 mph wind, it could just about beat you back to shore.

Pasties for dinner, and a pie for dessert has just about rounded out the day.

The cook.


The latest arrival


The next to leave, with his Grandma

Rey with Bubs

And for those that were here – note that I did not include the adventure in outhouses episode.

One Response to “Soo day”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Love all of it and am missing you… Slight correction <waggling-eyebrows> it’s “Goosepoop” Park, not Rotary Park 🙂 Just being annoying!

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