Every day is a beach day

The vacation continues and so do the changing numbers at the cabin.
We were up to a high of 9, down to 5 and now back to 6.

And the sun just keeps on shining.
Even with the wind today, it was not necessary to wear more than a bathing suit on the beach.
(And sunscreen)

And the water has been very swimable.

The days have a fairly predictable rhythm.
Get up whenever. Have breakfast with whomever else is in the kitchen. Dishes. Walk the beach. Change clothes for a suit. Swim. Lunch. (The order of lunch and swimming are interchangable.) Read. Dinner. Walk the beach. Watch the sunset. Play Bananagrams. (Or Set) Finally go to bed.

I am not complaining.
Pictures from the past day.

Dave and Pooh, professional beach sitters

The last 2 days beach walks have included golf ball gathering. Not sure where they came from, but it provided an amusing interlude to driftwood and crayfish claws. There were 81 at least, at last count.

81 floaters

Frog at the non-Doelle end of the beach pond.

Here I am. Come eat me. Really.


Sun setting in the west – over Iroquois Point

After sunset.

Post Sunset

These are some of the hundred or so windmills over in Canada.
No pictures from today – imagine yesterday with waves.

One Response to “Every day is a beach day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Looks incredibly fun and relaxing. šŸ™‚ I like beach sitting.

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