OK, where was I

Well first there was Seattle, then Newark, then Detroit, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Ann Arbor and finally Birch Point Beach.

There must have been work, and I assume some stuff important happened.
But we are now on vacation, and I can barely remember the start of vacation – so there is no going back to before.

This may in part be due to sleep deprivation followed by very high temperatures. And a ballgame.

More specifically, when the vacation was upon us we packed until about midnight. When I set the alarm for our morning departure, the phone noted that this was in just over 3 hours. Luckily, the alarm was set partly to give a wake up call to our driver. [I think I owe him one now.] Once we reached the airport, there was no complaining about our early rising as it would seem everyone there had been through a similar situation.

Security took much longer than normal. Partly as all of the airport workers seemed to be arriving at the same time, and cutting to the front of the line. We eventually made it to our gate, and waited for the last group to be called to board. I should have taken the opportunity to read or nap on the first leg of the flight, but there was a movie.

The movie was The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The first movie I really remember watching on a plane was The Little Princess. Both of these movies had an Indian theme, with vibrant music and colors. It was a pleasant way to pass the time.

We finally arrived in Newark. This airport was different from Seattle in that there were many more people per square yard. We figured our next gate, and discovered we had to change terminals. This involved a shuttle bus and stairs. And our first introduction to the heat. Carl noted that the personal space bubble that exists in Seattle, does not really exist in this airport. Once we found the gate for our second leg we settled in to relax. There was plenty of entertainment just watching the people around us. While there were a lot of people, and a few harried parents with frustrated children, there were also instances of caring and kindness.

The flight from Newark to Detroit was short by comparison, and I was able to spy at least one great  lake on our route.

Detroit Metro was a veritable ghost town. Especially after Newark. Really – there were entire terminals that seemed to be unused. It was late, so perhaps there would be more action during the daytime. We eventually got the rental car and headed “home”.

[Side note: Jane’s new place is excellent. Shiny and new (for an old place).]

A2 was also hot. But there is a basement. And windows. And fans. And the evenings were quite tolerable. So for the one day that we were in town we waited for the middle of the day, and set out to see the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

2012 Ann Arbor Art Fair

The A2 Art Fair puts all others that I have attended to shame. It is large, spread out, and has a wide variety of art available.

Carl kept seeing some of the kids he has cared for over the years.


Lillian & Eve

I knew we would not be able to see everything, so we just chose our route as it came to us. When we got too tired for more we found a Starbucks and called for a ride home. (Thanks Jane!)

Soon thereafter Rey arrived on the scene. Yeah – good to see him again. Vinnie Wydown passed 200,000 miles in Kentucky! So we put it in the garage for a well-deserved rest.

That evening was our Tiger’s game. Jane, Rey, Carl & I got there in time for BP. Carl caught one early on, and then had another tossed up. Fister was pitching for the Tigers. (He used to be a Mariner.) Our seats were between the home and visiting bullpens, so we were able to get a good view of Fister warming up.


The evening cooled to an acceptable 83 degrees and everybody cheered when they announced the temperature at the start of the game. The game was fun – the Tigers won handily. We were hoping to catch Cabrera’s 3rd home run of the evening. It would have been Miguel’s 300th home run. However, he did not hit even one. Instead Carl managed to get the bullpen coach to throw him a ball at the end of the game, which he presented to Jane. A nice rubbed up ball at that.

Carl, Jane & Rey with the spoils of the game

Our exit strategy from Detroit left something to be desired. We do not know our way around, and it took quite a while to hit the highway. In the end that was just fine, because our next stop was Detroit Metro. We just can’t get enough of airports!

This brings us to Ashlan’s day. She worked, went home, packed, got a cab to the airport, and waited for her plane. About as we got to the ball park she texted that her flight might be 2 hours late. Apparently there as quite a storm in NYC. I checked the American Airlines site, and they were suggesting 1 hour. A few more text’s from Ashlan indicated – 1 hour, then I am getting on the plane, and I might be early.

I checked the flight status a few times during the game, and it kept saying one hour. Since Ashlan had indicated otherwise, we were just a bit confused. We decided to go to the airport anyway, and check the flight status at the airport.

Just as we were arriving, the flight status on the phone changed to “CANCELLED”. Rey tried calling Ashlan – and she answered – saying she had just deplaned – in Detroit! What we did not know was that the plane she boarded was a different flight that had been delayed and had a few extra seats.

All I can say is – Thank Goodness.

Next morning we managed to squeeze in a breakfast with Jane before we headed north. The drive was relatively uneventful, and that is a good thing.

I can see the bridge

The cabin is the cabin. Somewhat changed from my youth, but still my favorite place in the world. Family, familiar surroundings, and of course the lake. We all took the opportunity to stretch our legs.

Rey & Ashlan and Frisbee

Ashlan on the beach

Today, our first full day, was a perfect beach day.
It may have been 80 degrees on the beach. Enough to chase us into the water.

Frisbee, walking, swimming, reading, sitting on the beach. (Sorry, no pictures. The phone is roaming to Canada, so I tend to leave it behind.)

Dinner is cooking, both kids are in the house, a nephew scheduled to arrive shortly, and life in this moment is just about perfect.

One Response to “OK, where was I”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It looks and sounds utterly perfect. Beautiful(but not TOO hot) weather, family time and beaches. I love the beach! P.S. Airports these days are NOT my favorite though.

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