The Rhody Cycle

A few posts ago I was posting pictures of our front yard rhodedendron.
I did continue to watch its progress. Here is the complete cycle (at least until I stopped taking pictures). Just under one month from start until end.

Why won’t it slideshow for me??

3 Responses to “The Rhody Cycle”

  1. jay Says:

    I give up.
    It was supposed to be a slide show.
    Then a gallery.
    Then I put them in one at a time.
    Now there appears to be some out of order – but I must go to work.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Beautiful color! I hate projects like that; they SHOULD work, but don’t, for some unknown reason. We have several rhodies, aminly because of my husband. I’m not a fan because of their one shot blooming cycle and then all the raking I have to do when its finished. 😉

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